Monday, June 23, 2014

Food for the Body, Mind, and Spirit


      I've bought a lot of unusual things over the years.  This one I had never seen before.  Five  pallets of "heater" meals were up for auction.  (A "heater" meal is a complete meal that  includes a chemical pouch that gets super hot when water is added to it.)

     The menus sounded good even though they were months out of date.  A quick call confirmed that they could still be used.  Our bid of $511 won almost 5,000 lbs of ready to eat meals for hungry people in Mexico.

    Thanks to our volunteer, Dave Snyder, we are now able to provide quantities of refurbished computers with Windows 7 at very low cost. However, sometimes the demand outstrips the supply. Then we need to buy computers with Dave's guidance.     Last month we had to
buy two new  laptops for a missionary to hand carry to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Thanks to Dave's counsel and another volunteer, Scott Mahanes  we were able to purchase and prepare the computers just in time to make the flight.  We received this message back
. “Thank you for the lap tops, the pastors were elated to receive these tools for ministry! This is just one more way that ETS  does what the name says.  You have helped equip these two leaders. The blessings flow to them and back to you.. Thank you again.”

     About a month ago, a young missionary, Ian Fry, presented the need for Bibles for           Zimbabwe.  I  just "happened" to see a special deal on 2,000
"Mission of God Study Bibles “ a few days before.  The list price for the Bible was $39.99.  The asking price was $5.00.  Was Ian interested?  Yes!  A few phone calls later the Bibles we purchased at $4.00 each!  The  Bibles were delivered to the container loading site this past week.

It gives us great joy to be able to help meet all sorts of needs.  Your gifts to our "
Where Most Needed" account make timely responses possible.  Thank you for helping us help others!   

 Keith Jones