Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ghana Bibles Delivered

In December  we gave our donors an opportunity to help send Bibles to Ghana, to be distributed in the public schools.  We were able to send 3,000 Bibles to our friend and partner , pastor Ohene Kumi.  We are thrilled to share some pictures with you of students actually receiving their own personal copy of the Word of God.

Tyndale House Publishers created a Ghana Student Bible with a glossy, faux leather cover featuring the Ghanaian national colors of red, yellow and green.  The New Living Translation is the entire Bible in today's English that tells the powerful stories of how people's lives are changed by the love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your help, support and prayers that made this project happen.  Please continue to pray for the impact that God will make through His Word on the future leaders of Ghana.  A Bible can change a life, a family, a city, a country, a nation and a whole continent.

Please Continue to Pray:

  • We need to sell our 3 trucks; one sale may be pending
  • Strength for us as we enter a season of leading more volunteer teams
  •  Healing for some of our key volunteers