Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ghana Bibles

A word from Keith Jones

  When was the last time you received life changing news?  Was it the birth of a new baby, a good prognosis, or a financial blessing?

     How would you like to be a part of sharing the Gospel with 500,000 high school students in Ghana?  Not only is the government of Ghana allowing the distribution of the Bibles in the schools but this also comes with the blessing and full cooperation of the former President and First Lady of Ghana, Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills.  She even wrote an introductory letter in the Bible to the students.   Can you imagine the impact of the Word of God on the future leaders of Ghana?  

     The Ghana Bible Society has a goal to distribute one million Bibles to students in all public Junior High Schools in the country  by the end of 2012.  So far it has distributed eight hundred and twenty three thousand (823,000) Bibles to students since 2007.  The Ghana Bible Society wants to commemorate Ghana’s golden jubilee anniversary by reaching out to the junior high students with the Word of God.
Tyndale House Publishers has created a Ghana Student Bible with a glossy, faux leather cover  featuring the Ghanian national   colors of red,  yellow and green.  ETS has purchased 3000 of these Bibles that will be shipped directly to pastor Ohene Kumi in Ghana for distribution.  Read on to find out how you can be a part of changing lives, futures and bringing the best news that anyone has ever received. 
   Keith Jones

Happy for Help

What do you call a group from Savannah Christian Church that drove 10 hours to come sort clothing and move items out of storage for us?  We call them family, as many of them keep coming back!  We were very blessed to have 11 people from Late Church to help us out over a long weekend.

     It’s nice to have strong guys and girls to help us sort out a storage unit so that we were able to get out of it entirely.  This storage unit costs $160 every month and the items stored in it had been stored for at least a year.  What a blessing to be able to use that revenue for other items that can be used in ministry. Many of the items in storage will be recycled for scrap metal and the other items were relocated to other storage units.

     The group stayed at the mission and enjoyed the area sights and  local food.  We tell people that those that come to work with us sleep really well at night.  Maybe we worked them too hard?  Thanks  Savannah Christian!  Same time next year? 
  The ETS Staff