Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Plate Spinning Mondays

     In the early days of variety shows on television there was usually one person who could keep a number of plates spinning, and juggle or tap dance at the same time without the plates dropping.  Most weeks at ETS there are always” a number of plates in the air” as we faithfully try to help missionaries and ministries with information,  supplies and equipment. 
  We recently sent out a 53 foot tractor trailer filled with clothing, and medical supplies to Jezreel Ministries in New York. We were very glad to have the help of 12 local Teen Challenge guys to help load the  trailer. The trailer was loaded on a Wednesday morning but a lot happened the Monday before.  These were the Monday Morning “plates”  spinning in the office:

  • · Vitamin orders of children and prenatal vitamins for Peru and Honduras, as well as ziplock bags, medical charts ,and information on the Moringa tree.
  • · Finding janitorial equipment for a local church.
  • · Confirming shipment for Betty Lukens shipment to Bucaramanga, Columbia
  • · Picking up boxed clothing (1800 lbs) from Calvary Baptist Church for the shipment to Jezreel.
  • · Pick up of copiers purchased in Richmond
  • · Negotiating discounts with Spanish book publisher
  • · Shipping out orders
  • · Receiving donations of books, clothing and computers
  • · Delivery of a 10 foot projector screen to a local church

     Every day brings a new list of needs and requests.  Thank you for your faithful support and prayers  that enables us to keep reaching out.
                                                             The ETS Staff