Thursday, June 9, 2011

COSIM Conference

COSIM—-the Coalition of Support of Indigenous Ministries—what does that mean and why is it important? (Indigenous ministries are those led by national Christians in their home countries.) Maybe an illustration will help us understand the importance of partnering with these fellow believers .

Think of the task of world evangelization as a mountain we need to climb. Now compare the workers needed for this task to mountain climbers, linked together by strong ropes. One climber is out in front, who drives a steel spike into the side of the mountain. He is linked to that spike by a rope, and to everyone behind him by another rope. If anyone should slip, the one ahead or behind will be able to stop him from falling to his death.

The “spike” is the strong truth of the Gospel, the message we want to share with the world. It anchors us to the slippery slope of our different cultures. The rope is the partnership or partnerships we develop in ministry with our co-workers in service, whether they are Americans or internationals.

When we head the same direction, in mutual dependence on each other and the Lord, then we are able to scale the difficult and dangerous “mountain” of bringing the Gospel to the world together. Will you pray for the upcoming COSIM conference?
I (Keith) will be attending it and I hope to strengthen the ties we have developed over the years with international ministries. I want to learn how ETS can be more effective in networking and providing resources to these organizations. I would like nothing better than to help new partnerships develop between international churches and Stateside ministries.These are great days of open doors for ministry. May the Lord enable us to see and seize the opportunities that are before us. The ETS STAFF