Friday, April 5, 2013

23,794,669 Blessings!

     How would you like to be able to provide this many blessings around the world?   We have been able to do this at ETS through our vitamin ministry.   We are seeking a grant to help provide vitamins at low cost, and the foundation we have approached asked us to calculate the number of vitamins we have purchased and/or sent out over the last 5 years.   This includes
* 17, 772,839 children’s vitamins,
*  2, 782,950 prenatal vitamins,
*  3, 238,880 adult vitamins.
      Our cost for these tablets was over $400,000.   Some we were able to donate; others we have provided at cost.   When you realize that we are providing these at well below wholesale value, this means we have made available nearly a million dollars of product!
      The impact vitamins make in the majority world cannot be overstated.  When children grow up without proper nutrition, their bodies and minds never fully develop.  When pregnant mothers lack prenatal vitamins, they frequently have babies with birth defects (spinal bifida and cleft palate for example.)   How much better that we prevent these defects, rather than    correcting them after birth!
       Finding good sources for these vitamins remains a challenge surprisingly, there are not many pharmaceutical companies that will work with us to provide a product that meets our qualifications and at an affordable price.  Please pray for us, that we will continue to be able to find good  vitamins that we can make available to our missionary partners at a price that they can afford.
      Maybe you would like to help provide vitamins.   Consider a special donation earmarked for this project.   Or maybe you know of a foundation or source that could finance vitamin purchases.   If so, please contact us!
            The ETS Staff