Monday, October 24, 2011

God Winks and we smile!

"God Winks" are events, gifts and unusual circumstances that God brings about in your life to let you know that He loves you. A wink is intimate....usually silent communication between two people who know each other well and share a history with each other. Sometimes God Winks are small, like hearing from a friend that you've been thinking about or finding an object at a flee market that you though was lost forever.

Five years ago God smiled on ETS and sent Tim and Joyce Duncan with their daughter Kathy, to live in the apartment at ETS and volunteer their time.

Tim is the Shenandoah Valley Child Evangelism Ministry Coordinator and has been very successful in starting after-school Good News Clubs, VBS programs and camp programs. Tim is very gifted with children and is excited to see more and more schools opening up from Winchester to Lexington.

God recently winked at the Duncans by enabling them to buy a bank repossessed home in Woodstock, Virginia for half of its value. The location is ideal for new clubs in Woodstock and Winchester. The house will put the Duncan right at the heart of where God is working and will definitely save Tim many hours on the road.

We rejoice for them but at the same time wonder who God will bring in to fill the void. Here's just a small sample of the gifts the Duncan's have given to us in the past 5 years:
Landscaping and yard work, building repairs, security, hospitality to overnight guests, organizing the Book Room and other areas, painting, sorting clothing, cleaning the building, checking out customers, operating the Saturday bookstore,office work, order processing, inventory, shipping, GIK receipts, processing used books and yard sale donations.

We know God is not without His resources and if you are one of them we would be glad to welcome you as a volunteer or to our staff.