Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Volunteers Swarm ETS

If you came by our building this past month, you would have seen a swarm of activity going on. ETS was blessed by various youth groups that participated in Massanetta Springs Middle School conferences. Each day the camp would send out groups to various ministries and outreach centers. We had youth groups from Blacksburg, Virginia, Rockville, Maryland, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Falls Church, Virginia, Newtown, Pennsylvania and Massanetta, Virginia.

The groups labeled 7 pallets of children's chewable vitamins, loaded 550 boxes of winter clothing and shoes into a truck for GAiN (Global Aid Network), boxed and sorted hundreds of pounds of used clothing and shoes, weeded, painted, sorted computer parts, moved older computers from the basement, moved stacking chairs into storage, took apart cribs and palletized them and helped unload our trucks.

ETS appreciates our volunteers and we work hard to give a good experience to each group that comes. We literally worked for days making sure that we had all the supplies we needed, enough clothing sorted to get each group started, and people available to supervise each work group.

Our only casualty was a pair of sneakers that belonged to one of the girls who had been packing boxes of shoes. Most teen-age girls love shoes, and in the mayhem of trying all of them on, her own pair got packed! We let her pick out any pair she wanted and thanked her for her donation (which will probably end up in Central Asia). We would love to have one of our missionary friends send her a thank you note “from the donated shoes” saying, “Having a wonderful time in (whatever country) . Thanks for letting me have this mission experience. Your former sneakers!

“Thank you to all our volunteers. We depend on you!

The ETS Staff