Friday, October 19, 2012

More Supplies for Jezreel International

Shalom Aleichem!  This is a  traditional Jewish greeting, meaning “peace unto you.”  Since we know the Prince of Peace, Our Lord Jesus Christ, it has  special meaning to us as Christians.

ETS had the opportunity recently to share this peace Christ offers to Jews in Israel, with a shipment we sent with Jezreel International. Wednesday night, October 10, we had members from 3 different Mennonite churches gather with us to load a 52 foot tractor trailer with clothing, hospital furniture and medical supplies.

We sent almost 16,000 pounds of clothing, 136 computers, gurneys, exam tables, cribs, over the counter medications and other medical and hospital items.  These items were requested by ministries in Israel, who want relief items to used for “after the war”.  (There is a  definite expectation in Israel that a battle is going to take place.      Although none of us want to see this happen, we are glad to be able to supply these much needed items for future use.)

We are commanded in Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Will you join us in praying this prayer, and in praying that the items we sent will be used for the glory of God and for the extension of His Kingdom?

Thank you for your support and prayers that made this shipment possible.    
                                The ETS Staff