Thursday, September 6, 2012

ETS Reaching Out to Bolivia

    Our ministry at ETS is to provide materials, equipment and information to missionaries world wide.  We rarely get to see the impact of our work  or get follow up reports.    We are excited to share the impact of  a six member medical team to Bolivia headed up by Dale and Kathy Mast of YWAM (Youth with a Mission).  

    The team  held a clinic for church members of Morros Blanco in Tarija near the border of Argentina.  Dr. Conrad Zapanta  was able to  attend, pray over and give out donated medications to  church members, friends and neighbors of the church.  The team was also invited by the chaplain of a local prison to share in a worship service and to also treat the medical needs of 54  prisoners.  ETS has donated over the counter medications, and medical   supplies to Dr. Zapanta for many of his medical mission trips.

     The team was also able to serve in a jungle town of San Borja in the Amazon.  The clinic was held in a Christian School with grades K-7.  Dr. Zapanta saw 75  patients at this location.
     ETS was able to provide Spanish Bibles and Christian literature for children in Spanish, along with sports equipment.  We delight in seeing ministries equipped and the gospel proclaimed among the nations.

      Thank you for your prayers and support that enable us to purchase materials and supplies that our missionaries  can use to reach the lost for Jesus.  We appreciate your partnership with us.

The ETS Staff