Monday, December 5, 2011

ETS Christmas Project

When you hear the word Cuba does this picture come to mind? do you think of Caribbean breezes, Cuban cigars, sugar plantations? Or do you think of economic collapse with the Soviet meltdown, US trade embargo, devastating hurricanes, corruption, poor productivity and a repressive centralized communist government?

Challenges for Prayer for Cuba according to 2010 Operation World are:

A) Bible distribution -the need remains urgent as church growth outstrips supply. Over 1 million copies of Scripture have been printed in-county on the Cuban Bible Society Press, and many thousands are imported every year.

B) Christian literature has been extremely hard to acquire for years and is an intense need. As the church and its leaders grow, more materials are needed. More can now be imported, but permission for local printing is difficult to obtain.

Did you know that for $1.94 you can have this book printed in Cuba and distributed to a Cuban pastor?
"The Christian Worker's Personal Manual" teaches what the Bible says to church leaders.

It has 272 pages taken directly from Scripture, in combination with the experience and wisdom of Godly men and women of Christian history.

It features both subject and scripture reference indices.

List Price (USA) $10.99

Printed in Cuba $1.94

The Cuban Government has given permission to print 10,000 copies. We invite you to join with Titus International, The Cuban Church and Editorial Portavoz to make this happen.
What can you buy for $1.94?

Can you make a better buy?

This $1.94 Christmas gift can change a life.

The books will be printed as paper and supplies are available throughout the year. The Manuals (published by Editorial Portavoz) will be distributed to Cuban pastors and workers at conferences sponsored by Titus International.

Equipping The Saints delights in teaming up with ministries that share our desired to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. We believe that discipleship is the key to growing fully committed Christians and we endorse the ministries of Titus International and Editorial Portavoz.