Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sew in Love....Good for the Heart

February is the month that most of us think about Valentines Day and what we can do to express our love to those that special in our lives.

ETS has been asked to help provide sewing machines for the countries of Haiti and Honduras. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission has been given money to set up a sewing center to teach women how to sew. A hand cranked or treadle machine can support an entire family.

We will be sending non-electric machines, mounted on treadle bases since Haiti does not have electricity. The best machines are older Singers, especially models 15, 66, 203, and 201. We can also use "electrified" machines, older Singers with an external motor that use a drive belt.

We can use the treadle bases we have and some antique treadle machines made by companies other than Singer. Please call us if you would like to donate a machine so we can make sure it is usable in another country before shipping it to us.

Another project that will "be good for the heart" is our vitamin project. ETS buys adult vitamins in bulk boxes for $9.25 per thousand. We have a large quantity of adult vitamins that are short dated. We would like to offer ministries a substantial discount or donate them so they could be used immediately.

Most countries
require medications to have a shelf life of at least 6 months. These vitamins have a shelf life of 10 months. Your donation for vitamins can help supplement a poor diet and increase the health and productivity of someone you may never meet.

Let us than you in advance for your heart for ministry.

The ETS Staff