Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Our Year in Review (January 2014)

     It is always good to look back over the year and thank God for His faithful direction and     provisions.  Your encouragement through your prayers, gifts and volunteering has been vital to the health of this ministry and its outreaches.  Because of your faithfulness ETS was able to help 1886 clients in 48 different countries this past year.  We were able to send 3 tractor trailer loads of used clothing and medical supplies to Jezreel Ministries International, a ministry that works in Eastern Europe with Jewish refugees.

         ETS sponsored several projects this past year.  We were able to send $5,000 to Galcom International who is partnering with Far East Broadcasting Company to provide low power     Christian FM  radio stations and solar powered fixed tuned radios to give to victims of the      Philippines super typhoon Haiyan.

    ETS teamed up with Christ for All Peoples to supply the Jesus Video DVD and a trained volunteer to go door to door welcoming immigrants and giving them a DVD in their language.  We were able to donate $7500 to this ministry because of your giving.

     The Milton Driver Memorial fund for the purchase of Bibles for Ohene Kumi’s ministry raised $1220 .  ETS  will be applying this money for the purchase of the Daily Walk Bible New Living Translation to this  ministry of school age children in Ghana, Togo and Liberia. The Daily Walk Bible  offers a simple daily reading plan and tools to  see how the Bible fits together.

     Thank you for your time, money, prayers and support.  We look forward to partnering with you in 2014.          The ETS STAFF